Managing General Underwriters
of Longevity and Life Insurance

 Life Settlements, Pensioners, Life Insurance, and Private Placement Strategies

Longevity Contingent Insurance and pension de-risking

Longevity Shortfall Tail Insurance for life settlement portfolios

Insured Protection on Longevity Linked Securities

Trident has kept a single focus to improve the effectiveness and availability of longevity insurance specific to portfolios of Life Settlements and the gap insurance needed for efficient close-out  at maturity.  The longevity underwriting platform can  carry over to defined pension plan de-risking. 


Effectively Manage Risk in Life Settlements

Longevity Shortfall insurance elevates an asset-backed offering once considered opaque into a transparent, credit enhanced investment strategy. Utilizing the Trident's strategy will effectively liquidate the Longevity exposure in Life Settlement portfolio risk. 


Improving Outcomes in Pensions

Investment portfolios of pension funds can be de-risked, by our ability to take over the  asset management via an insurance transfer. Longevity Tail risk is unpredictable. Our insurance provides key liquidity to overcome the financial impact of the worst case scenario.  

Policy Structuring

Insurance Contract

Managing Underwriters of specialized products backed by insurers with credit rating of "A-" or better to enhance an offering. The insurance will provide the liquidity to close-out the longevity risk in life settlements or keep liquidity in the pension benefits. 

Bespoke Insurance Structures

We have an a deep knowledge base to customize longevity risk, mortality event risk ,  and pension de-risking to accommodate many needs to provide liquidity for a transaction.  

Claim Liquidity

Our process is transparent and efficient. Any dispute is adjudicated under U.S. law. 

Trident Global Strategies - History



Trident Risk Strategies LLC forms as a Insurance Brokering and Risk Management Consultative practice


Creates subsidiary company Trident Team Safety providing administration for on-boarding and post accident onsite drug testing. 


Refocused from commercial specialty insurance Brokering to Structuring Agent and Managing Underwriter for Insurance Linked Security structures and collateralize reinsurance 


Migrated into insurance policy structuring and underwriting  Longevity Contingent and Mortality Rated Risk as a new market opportunity


 Formalized the insurance program "Longevity Shortfall" to take Longevity risk inherent in portfolios of Life Settlements. 


Launched Longevity Shortfall as a first true insurance contract taking longevity exposure risk through a financial counter party rated by AM Best. 


Longevity Insurance


Restructured Longevity Shortfall to a U.S. based Insurer. Reformed Entity to Trident Global Strategies LLC., as a IRS 935(d) exempt company to reflect our ability to structure and manage longevity risk on behalf of investors across the globe. 






Managing Underwriter: Jeff J. Post, ACI